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The original data set of the California coastal marine habitat maps were created in the 1970s and 1980s by a team of scientists under contract to the Minerals Management Service (MMS)-Pacific OSC Region (now and Shoreline physical and biological data for the entire California coast and Channel Islands were collected from helicopter videotape flyovers and ground-truth surveys, and the information was portrayed on a total of 165 USGS maps. The purpose of the surveys was to develop a statewide set of coastal maps with shoreline biological and substrate information for determining areas most sensitive to oil spills. The data is now available in a Geographic Information System (GIS) ready format on a three DVD set.

The original series of individual laminated maps and associated tables were provided to Tenera Environmental (San Luis Obispo, CA) to scan and archive as high-resolution .jpg images and Adobe .pdf files. All of the drawings and text information was then converted into six ESRI ArcView/ArcGIS map layers (themes) as line and point shapefiles. The GIS can be used to search and retrieve information electronically across maps, complete spatial analyses, and query results. Selected data from this GIS can be exported to new themes for other purposes. Also, data from other studies can be added to expand the present GIS. For more, see the Readme file (pdf).

Click on the following links to see the original MMS Maps, Tables, and Survey Reports used to create this MMS California Coastal Marine Habitats GIS.
Download Tenera's "Bodega-Mexico Coastal Habitats GIS and User Orientation Guide" (large pdf file) and view an example of a GIS query for Phyllospadix derived from the MMS data along Southern California.
For additional information or to inquire about the GIS data layers on the MMS project, contact Tenera Environmental

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Tenera's Bodega-Mexico Coastal Habitats GIS Orientation Users Guide
Completed MMS Habitat Maps into GIS
Geo-referenced view of the MMS Map #82 - Bolinas
Contributers that have to helped complete the GIS
GIS query for Phyllospadix along Southern California

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