Tenera has provided a number of services to clients who are in need of biological consultation on a variety of issues. These have included field surveys to assess habitat quality and utilization by listed and special status species such as the California red-legged frog, steelhead, tidewater goby, southwestern pond turtle, two-striped garter snake, brown pelican, gray whales, sea otters, and peregrine falcons. Tenera has also provided clients with qualified biological monitors, training for work crews in endangered species awareness and procedures, and assistance with project permitting. Final survey reports include an extensive literature review, an analysis of the potential biological impacts of a project, and suggestions for alternatives and mitigation when required. Projects have included stream bank erosion control, in-stream and riparian habitat restoration, pipeline removal and replacement, road improvement and repair, development of housing subdivisions and commercial properties, and NPDES permitting, monitoring, and reporting.

Tenera conducted biological surveys and construction monitoring for a natural gas pipeline removal project located adjacent to and within a small estuarine lagoon at the mouth of Arroyo Hondo Creek, Santa Barbara County. Tenera performed pre-activity surveys of the lagoon for special status species prior to initiation of construction activities. Two federally listed endangered fish species, southern California ESU steelhead and tidewater goby, were documented in the lagoon during pre-construction surveys. California red-legged frogs and two-striped garter snakes were identified during daily pre-activity surveys of the lagoon. Tenera biologists were authorized by the USFWS to capture and move California red-legged frogs and their larvae to ensure no individuals were harmed or otherwise adversely impacted.

Coastal Stream, Riparian Habitat, Endangered Species Surveys & Construction Monitoring Services completed by TENERA Environmental include:
  • Chorro Creek Ecological Reserve Instream Surveys
  • Arroyo Burro Lagoon Aquatic Survey
  • Arroyo Hondo Creek Survey
  • Morro Creek Aquatic Survey
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Coastal Stream Monitoring
Arroyo Burro Lagoon
Arroyo Hondo Creek, Santa Barbara, CA

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