Studies in the marine environment can present many logistical problems for sampling. TENERA staff have over 30 years of experience in designing and conducting marine studies,including one of the largest NPDES marine monitoring programs ever conducted. TENERA staff includes several diving scientists who collectively have decades of experience conducting sampling programs using SCUBA. We have helped design, manage, and conduct many of the 316(b) demonstration cooling water intake entrainment and impingement studies completed at power plants in California and Hawaii. To support these studies we maintain one of the only laboratories available for processing and identification of samples of planktonic fish and invertebrate larvae. We are experts in the deployment and maintenance of instrumentation in the marine environment and the processing and analysis of physical oceanographic data including the integrating of GIS. TENERA has several boats ranging from small inflatables to a 23' dive boat to help support diving operations, instrument deployments, and sample collection.  

Our experience includes:
  • Phyto-, Zoo-, and Ichthyo-Plankton Sample Processing and Taxonomy
  • NPDES Monitoring Studies
  • Intake System Entrainment and Impingement Studies
  • Resource Inventories and Monitoring for Impact Assessment
  • Endangered Species and Construction Monitoring
  • Hydroacoustic Surveys for Fisheries and Hydrography
  • Caulerpa and Eelgrass Studies
  • Oil Spill Response and Impact Studies
  • Marine Mammal and Seabird Monitoring
  • Marine Mammal Mitigation Monitoring
  • Studies of Artificial Reefs
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Counting & measuring juvenile Anchovy

ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler)

Pacific Green turtle rescue

Plankton sampling
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